About Me

Life is a series of adventures and current society has decided that the bigger the better and anything short of perfection is not worthy to be instagrammed, tweeted or otherwise admitted to even having had occur. This can make us all feel less than great about the lives we live. Having spent the majority of my life fighting my own urges for perfection (which only serves to compound my anxieties and depression) and losing, I’ve been left with insecurities about the worth of what I was doing and who I was supposed to be.

So, I’ve recently taken up the fight to embrace mediocrity and moderation, to celebrate everything life has to offer…the big, the small, the beautifully perfect and the apparent disasters.  I strive to search for the occasional grand experiences and love every minute of them but I’m learning to celebrate the little things too.

Here you’ll find musings on my adventures in travel, music, food, books, movies, crafting, nature, health and everything else that life throws at us all.  Hopefully I’ll inspire at least one of you to stop worrying about being perfect and find ways to embrace the messy, imperfect, beautiful (but often mediocre) existences that we are all blessed with. I can’t promise to show you anything you haven’t seen before but I do promise to always remind you that sometimes mediocrity is more than ok, it’s absolutely perfect!

P.S. In addition to blogging about life here, I also blog specifically about books over at Page and Print. Stop by and say hello!